Leadership Highlights

Project Leader, SHAKEY the robot

SHAKEY was the world’s robot with artificial intelligence. It had a video system with visual scene interpretation and obstacle avoidance; a full planning system that both created plans and monitored their real-world execution; and a multi-level, tiered control architecture very similar to those used today. SHAKEY now resides in the Computer History Museum, and has been named by the IEEE as a Milestone in the history of electrical engineering and computing. A short video describing the project is here.

Director, SRI Artificial Intelligence Center

During the years that AI was blossoming, the SRI AI Center was one of the handfull of groups in the world working in this field.

Founding Director, Fairchild/Schlumberger Artificial Intelligence Center

Schlumberger was the first major corporation to take AI seriously, and this was the first corporate AI research center in the world.

Co-founder and President, Syntelligence, Inc.

Syntelligence created the first expert systems for assessing the risk of major financial transactions. There were thousands of professional users who employed Syntelligence systems to evaluate many billions of dollars of financial transactions.

Founder, Chairman and President

Ricoh Innovations, Inc. (Menlo Park, California)


Group Senior Vice President

Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)

Ricoh Innovations, Inc. introduced numerous image processing, software and artificial intelligence technologies into the Ricoh ecosystem and Ricoh products. It obtained hundreds of patents for Ricoh, and ran a successful venture capital arm to connect Ricoh Company, Ltd., with emerging companies and markets.